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We understand your frustration - it's a mine field.

Trades Web Studio provide website design, web development and brand development dedicated to hard working trade companies and small businesses in the North of England. Click below to contact us!

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Simple website solutions for busy and hands on businesses.

Do you need a website but have no idea where to start?

Do you get confused by all the available options for getting a website?

Do you get confused by terms such as SEO, WordPress and PHP?

Don't worry, you're not alone. In fact, over 90% of small business owners are feeling your frustrations too. Let's lay it out simply and clearly. When it comes to getting a website there a few options for you.

1. You don't bother, after all.. Who needs a website anyway?
OK. Let's stop right there.... EVERYONE WITH A BUSINESS NEEDS A WEBSITE! Because 88% of business transactions start on the internet.

2. You join one of these website building services and built it yourself.
Yawn, you're too busy for that right? Building and running your own business. And realistically, where would you start? Your head is in your trade or business, not in the website building business.

3. Hiring a web design agency.
Yep, they take it all on for you. Ask you loads of weird and crazy questions you feel like you have to respond 'yes' to, then BANG. You're hit with a website and probably a very large bill. Yes you get a clean and fancy website, but your bank account is looking pretty drab and not very fancy.

So there you have it, pick one of the above. Just be aware you're going to get taken for a ride no matter which one you pick.

But perhaps not... what if there was a fourth option? What if you could avoid the self building process or extortionate bills? What if you can have a simple, honest and affordable way of getting your business a professional website?

You can.

There is a fourth option and luckily you've stumbled across it already.

Welcome to Trades Web Studio!

We're a Web Design company based in West Yorkshire. We pride ourselves on being completely transparent. No crazy techy jargon in our meetings and definitely no misleading pricing with unnecessary addons.

Take advantage of this. Save the time, confusion and money. If you need a website but don't want the stress and headaches, click the button below and get in touch today.

From Trades Web Studio in Halifax, West Yorkshire,



Web Design

A great looking and sleek website is a necessity in today’s digital age. Which is why when we build and design your website, we ensure it’s easy to navigate and professional to look at on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet. The design of your website reflects directly on your business. It’s likely to be first interaction your customers have with you which is why it’s necessary to have the best you can get. First impressions are everything.


PHP, WordPress, HTML, Java and CSS. What the hell, right? These may not mean much to most people, but our coders are on top of it all. Essentially these coding jargon terms are the nuts, bolts and nails of the website. All internal, making it run smoothly. Just sit back, have a pint and don’t even worry about it. We take care of it all so you don’t have to.


We can take your company branding and reinvent it into something so premium, your competition wont stand a chance! Branding is essentially the personality for your business, people that resonate with it will come back to you time and time again. Nike and Adidas are great examples of this, quality goods and quality branding - millions and millions of customers! Let's try get you on their level 😉
Our team are ready to get started right now. Click the button below to contact us and we will arrange a consultation over a beer or coffee (it’s on us!)

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Clean and Responsive

Over 50% of web browsing is now done via mobiles and tablets. Which is why making your website responsive to these devices is one of the most important elements. Even google are cracking down on unresponsive websites. They put them further down the search results! Along with that, we want to ensure your potential customers have an easy experience while browsing your website, so they have no reason at all to leave. So all our websites are always designed to be clean cut and very easy to navigate.

Dedicated and Down To Earth

We work hard to get you the results you need from your website, but we’re also in this to make life long business relationships. Anything you need, anything questions you have, we’re here to help. Coming from a background in Trade, we understand that days can be long and gruelling. So we want to offer you a much or as little involvement in the process as possible. And as mentioned before, let’s grab a beer to discuss!

Guaranteed happiness

We won’t be happy until you are. We’re not about grabbing the work and filling our pockets, we want happy clients and for our clients pockets to be full too. Which is why we offer unlimited minor revisions for 14 days after the final sign off. Not only that, if you really do not like what we’ve done for you (we aim to ensure this never happens and it never has!) we can offer you a no-questions-asked refund. Happy you = Happy us.

Pure simplicity

No headaches or stress, guaranteed! We specialise in single-page websites, similar to this one. Although our expertise isn't limited to that. No matter how simple of complicated your website needs to be, we can guarantee that our team will make the process simple for you. We don't want to take up much of your time. You have a business to run!

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